I Give You Togetherness

The semester is almost over but I had my final critique last Friday for my collage class and presented I Give You Togetherness, a project consisting of maquettes and digital prints of scenarios staged in those miniature spaces, culminating in a small photo book. Using the notions of family and home as starting points, I Give You Togetherness was originally conceived as subject matter for paintings but the construction process was so much fun that I felt something might be lost if I pursued that avenue. Instead, the maquettes became sets for me to stage interactions in, and I created characters using my family, my close friends from collage, and myself. The end result combines large digital prints, smaller photographs, and the original maquettes themselves, which I wanted to show as part of my process.

I Give You Togetherness, 2018, inkjet print on archival paper, digital print on paper, acrylic, flashe and colouring pencil on cardboard and foam core



Published by Shazia Ahmad

Part-time artist, full-time dreamer. Montreal/Toronto

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