Ephemeral Fortitude Show

Three of my screen prints will be on display at the Concordia Ceramic Students Association (CCSA) end-of-year show Ephemeral Fortitude, starting today, May 22, at Skol and POPOP galleries in the Belgo Building. The vernissage is on Thursday, May 25 at 6 pm. All the details are below. Hope to see you there!

Ephemeral Fortitude


Show Runs: May 22-28, 11-5PM
Opening/Vernissage: May 25, 6PM

372 St Catherine Street W.
this show spans TWO galleries in the Belgo building!
POPOP (4th floor)
Skol (3rd floor)

The Concordia Ceramic Student Association (CCSA) invites you to their year-end show, EPHEMERAL FORTITUDE

Ephemeral Fortitude is a collaborative multidisciplinary exhibition showcasing undergraduate ceramic, print, and fibers work. It aims to explore the relationship between strength and fragility in both material and concept. We wish to explore the tension between materials that are at once robust and solid while at the same time fragile, delicate and easily broken. Just as the strength of a rope comes from the union of so many weak threads, and a soft mound of clay can be coiled into a strong pot, it is the ingenuity of the creator that transforms these fragile elements into objects capable of withstanding extraordinary forces.

Published by Shazia Ahmad

Part-time artist, full-time dreamer. Montreal/Toronto

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