Printmaking – Plexi Engraving

I have been taking a printmaking class at the Visual Arts Centre for 10 weeks and it’s been quite fascinating. My teacher, Matthew Thomson, is fantastic and I encourage you to look up his work. These were prints done from a plexiglass etching I prepared two weeks ago. I have some more feathers coming up this week, plus I will be printing from my two collagraph plates. As well, I have other prints to share in the coming posts.


Canada Day painting

A belated Happy Canada Day, as well as Happy July 4th! Here is my latest work. Admittedly, the swimming pool is a bit of an obsession of mine at the moment and I have done three of these works in a 2-month span. I predict at least one more before the end of summer. I decided to change things up a bit this time and go with oil pastel.

Oil pastel on cardstock
Canada Day by the Pool, 2015

Intermediate painting class

This has been a tough week. My beloved pup, Siara, passed away 6 weeks short of her 9th birthday, so I have thrown myself into lots of painting. I think of it as therapy.

This is Week 3 of my intermediate painting class and I have my first oil painting in almost two decades to share. This work was done in cobalt blue and cadmium red tones. Yesterday, we did a colour temperature study, which I will post next week. I am currently working on two landscapes as well.

Oil on canvas paper, 16" x 20"
Study in Cobalt and Cadmium Red, 2015