Meshes of the Afternoon

My second painting crit is now in the books and it’s crazy to think there is only one left. As always, the work my classmates produced was amazing. Our subject was the human figure, and in any iteration we chose, so I went with four of my sketches because I was unsure about creating one large-scale work from a single sketch. Plus, this gave me a chance to construct a narrative that was a bit disjointed, perhaps discomfiting, and certainly unclear. I give you Meshes of the Afternoon (named after Maya Deren’s seminal film, which I urge everyone to watch on YouTube if you haven’t seen it already).

Meshes of the Afternoon
Meshes of the Afternoon (2017), oil, acrylic, and oil pastel on canvas, 30×40″

Alla Prima Still Life

Second crits are underway and the semester is galloping along. We are down to the last few weeks now and it has been fun and really challenging (but in a good way). In the meantime, I have been producing plenty of work, including this single-sitting alla prima still life which took about ten hours to paint. Next up will be my human figure project, which I have yet to title, and which I presented last night. As well, I will be sharing my screen printing projects in the next few days. The snow day on Wednesday postponed that crit to next week.


Trompe l’oeil Exercise

School continues and in anticipation of the midterm break, I have assignments to finish for this week. In the meantime, here is a trompe l’oeil exercise for my painting class. I am currently knee-deep in silkscreening but I am considering combining collage elements for my next screen printing project, making it a cross between a painting and a print. The original collage for the trompe l’oeil may serve as my starting point.



Deep Space

So far, art school is about as stressful as regular school. Projects are challenging, sometimes frustrating, and can be full of happy accidents. I had my first painting crit of the semester this evening for my deep space project. To say that creating this work was a struggle is an understatement, but many of my classmates had the same problem. Nonetheless, one crit done, two more to go for painting. Next up is figurative work so let’s see how I fare with that.

That Late Night Stroll, 2017, oil, acrylic, oil pastel on canvas, 36×48″

A New Year and New Opportunities

It has been a while since my last post and plenty has happened since then. Life has come full circle, as I have returned to art school to finish what I started 19 years ago. Talk about full circle again: 19 years ago in London, I went to the Chagall exhibit at the Royal Academy. Next week, I attend a Chagall exhibit in Montreal. I have also had an extremely productive period painting and making new art. Interiors (particularly home) are a recurrent theme and I hope to push the idea of home further this semester through my course work. In the meantime, here is a sample of my newer work, with more to come. As I said, I have painted a lot.


It is now exactly one year since I moved back to Montreal from Toronto. I still write in my spare time, though I have not been painting as much lately. I will be taking a painting class in the fall, which I am very much looking forward to. In the meantime, here are observations from my room.



This was yet another abstract exploration I spent a weekend on. More squiggles but I also got to create textures using every day objects. The result was a riot of red and orange on tones of green, the paint just gliding on the surface.



It’s been a while since I last posted and admittedly, life has been very busy. I started a new job in mid-January but I also produced a lot of artwork around that time and kept myself very busy. The frantic pace slowed a bit in March and as I have so much new work, it would be a shame not to share it.

Art saved me after my father’s untimely passing and it’s given me a refuge through the most difficult moments. The human heart is capable of bearing so much pain and to come out on the other side, perhaps not completely unscathed but whole with the ability to function, is a miracle.

Happy New Year!

A very belated Happy New Year! The holidays were nice and low-key this year, but still enjoyable. I did find time to do some painting and put the finishing touches on one work when I returned from Quebec City. Inspired by my bathtub prints and in particular, the collagraph plates I created for my printmaking class, I went with a variety of textures and media for this work.

Running Bath, 2015
Running Bath, 2015

Printmaking – Collagraph

We did collagraph printing three weeks ago and the process was interesting, between cutting away parts of the surface on one plate, and gluing materials with gel medium on the other. I am currently working on a painting inspired by these collagraph plates as well.