Collages, Collisions, Visual Narratives

We are almost half-way through the new term and I have some new work to share for my painting class, which is a special topics one on collage. These paintings are inspired by collages I have made specifically for the class and are preparatory for the work I will be doing this semester. Our dogContinue reading “Collages, Collisions, Visual Narratives”

A Conversation on Mortality on a Monday Afternoon

My final painting critique for the semester is now in the books and I present the culmination of all of my work. I learned a lot in this class and also plenty about myself. What next directions will I take? I am hoping to get in some more painting on my own time before theContinue reading “A Conversation on Mortality on a Monday Afternoon”

May Day

My summer painting class is in full swing and my first crit is in the books. This work is really a sketch for the final project I will be undertaking this summer and the red people from Meshes of the Afternoon have returned. I will provide updates as the project takes shape.