Collages, Collisions, Visual Narratives

We are almost half-way through the new term and I have some new work to share for my painting class, which is a special topics one on collage. These paintings are inspired by collages I have made specifically for the class and are preparatory for the work I will be doing this semester. Our dog Eilis gets top billing in these works and she will probably recur as I develop my themes further.


Exposition du ART TRUCK X OUMF

My monoprint Morning (Cleanse) will be on display in the Art Truck x OUMF show, from September 7-9, 2017 between 5-9 pm. This is a unique exhibit that takes place inside a truck and it will be on St-Denis and Ontario for the duration of the show. The vernissage will be on September 7, at 5 pm at La Récréation at 404 Ontario East (corner of St-Denis), so please come on by and meet all the artists and check out our work! I hope to see you there.

Art Truck x OUMF Event

Morning (Cleanse), 6th edition, monoprint, screen print and collage on canvas, 16×20″

A Conversation on Mortality on a Monday Afternoon

My final painting critique for the semester is now in the books and I present the culmination of all of my work. I learned a lot in this class and also plenty about myself. What next directions will I take? I am hoping to get in some more painting on my own time before the next semester gets underway so watch this space!

A Conversation on Mortality on a Monday Afternoon (2017), 36×36″, flashe and oil on panel

Updated Gallery

It’s been a while since my last update and my final painting critique for the summer is tomorrow but I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the work I have been doing. All of my new work is in the Exteriors gallery, and the final painting will be posted next week. In the meantime, here are the sketches and small works I have been creating over the last few weeks.

Exteriors, 2001-2017


This summer has been all about pools in my paintings and I am now at a point where I need to decide what my final project will be. It’ll probably still incorporate the pool theme but let’s see how that happens. In the meantime, here is what I presented at my second crit. The idea of painting a night scene is intriguing so I may continue in this vein. Watch this space.

Lux Aeterna
Lux Aeterna, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 30×40″


May Day

My summer painting class is in full swing and my first crit is in the books. This work is really a sketch for the final project I will be undertaking this summer and the red people from Meshes of the Afternoon have returned. I will provide updates as the project takes shape.


Ephemeral Fortitude Show

Three of my screen prints will be on display at the Concordia Ceramic Students Association (CCSA) end-of-year show Ephemeral Fortitude, starting today, May 22, at Skol and POPOP galleries in the Belgo Building. The vernissage is on Thursday, May 25 at 6 pm. All the details are below. Hope to see you there!

Ephemeral Fortitude


Show Runs: May 22-28, 11-5PM
Opening/Vernissage: May 25, 6PM

372 St Catherine Street W.
this show spans TWO galleries in the Belgo building!
POPOP (4th floor)
Skol (3rd floor)

The Concordia Ceramic Student Association (CCSA) invites you to their year-end show, EPHEMERAL FORTITUDE

Ephemeral Fortitude is a collaborative multidisciplinary exhibition showcasing undergraduate ceramic, print, and fibers work. It aims to explore the relationship between strength and fragility in both material and concept. We wish to explore the tension between materials that are at once robust and solid while at the same time fragile, delicate and easily broken. Just as the strength of a rope comes from the union of so many weak threads, and a soft mound of clay can be coiled into a strong pot, it is the ingenuity of the creator that transforms these fragile elements into objects capable of withstanding extraordinary forces.


Studio classes are done and final assignments are almost in so it’s a race to the finish. Nonetheless, I got my final screen printing project back and wanted to share it. In the end, the series turned into a companion for my Place print and I might continue on the theme and make another print in the same vein. I am scheduled to take Screen Print II next term so this theme might be a keeper. On another note, summer school starts next week!

Morning, 2017

The Honour Project

I have added my on-going Honour Project to my web site, in addition to creating a WordPress site for it as well. Those who have participated so far know that the project was inspired by the late Pakistani social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch, a victim of honour violence. As an absurdist art project, the idea was to introduce credit card-type cards to be carried around. The follow-up to this was an illustrated morality book, which is still very much a work-in-progress. The current iteration of the book may be accessed here:

A Guide to Honour

The project web site and associated Instagram page are:

The Honour Project

Instagram – HonourTM

Qandeel Baloch was also the subject of a screenprinted series called Shameless (I’m Not What People Say I am), which paid tribute to her.


Fragmented Territories

My painting class has come to an end, though the semester doesn’t finish until the 24th. The last painting project, on the theme of fragmented territories, was presented tonight and I chose to approach the subject with multiple panels in the same dimensions. The end result is in the photo below. This will probably be an on-going project as the possibilities are endless.

Untitled, 2017, mixed media, 8 x 16x20