So I am back a little earlier than usual but hey, it’s Sunday, and I definitely have work to share. Remember how I was talking about art as a refuge? I took an independent study course at the Visual Arts Centre in Westmount from January to March. Not only was that period artistically stimulating for me, I learned so much about myself. I explored new avenues in my work, undertook projects I might not ordinarily have been interested in or shown an aptitude for, and also pushed through the themes of loneliness and isolation in lived in spaces.

I had never tried abstraction, though this project came about from a sleepless night and the shadows and reflections I observed on my wall. We pushed the idea forward from there to one of colour and texture. I will post the works that resulted over the next few days but this is the first of that series.

Untitled, 2016

By Shazia Ahmad

Part-time artist, full-time dreamer. Montreal/Toronto

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